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Stories worth revisiting

Read one of my favorite stories from the Bible this morning: Luke 7:2-10, about Jesus, the centurion, and his servant. I've mentioned the story before over the years, noting what it reveals about worthiness, grace (quoting Brennan Manning), and authority. I was going to write about it again, but anything I'd have to say would be a rehash of these (I only have so much material in my head), particularly the last, which also connects well with the Tim Keller quote I posted yesterday. Authority is huge—even grace doesn't make sense without it.

I got a nice rainy Seattle day for my birthday today. Since it's Saturday, I had a yummy apple pecan scone from Irwin's (they don't make them every day). And better by far, I've got a surprise field trip with barlow_girl coming up within the hour. Surprises and secrets tend to fall apart around me, so I've been making a concerted effort not to figure it out. Whatever it is, it'll be great.


ishyobirfday? yo!
Indeed. It was a good one, thanks to barlow_girl. She's a catch.


well done, you.
Ahoy! I just got a weird message and was signed out.

Anyway, I said, "Well done, you," to which you may have replied, "Yes, don't I know so."

Yesterday, a colleague, the wife of a Unitarian minister, told me I'm the most positive person at our big school. This seems entirely bizarre. She was not sarcastic. Do you get that sort of thing, too?
That's certainly the right reply.

Funny you ask—last Wednesday at our Ash Wednesday, I had a gentleman pull me aside to compliment me on my smile. He said he thought it matched my spirit and that it always brightened his day. I had the same inward response (after first ruling out that I was being hit on—he has a girlfirend).