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Silly things which have made me happy today

  • Going back to bed and sleeping in.
  • A hot dog from Matt's Gourmet Hot Dogs.
  • Getting a couple of work errands knocked out, including one that's been on my list for ages.
  • Having one of my Sunday afternoon meetings ancelled.
  • The casting of Peter Fonda in Ghost Rider.
  • Wearing these on my feet:

    TiVo slippers

    (they arrived while I was out)


I hope you are wearing those when I meet you.
Do you think barlow_girl would let me wear them in the wedding?
She's gracious. :)
Gah! I've been wanting to try Matt's for AGES. I should just go to the one in the U District and get it over with. :)
That's where I went. Amazing? Not really, but there's just something great about getting a hot dog from the closest thing we have to a hot dog stand and eating it while walking down the street.
eating in the street = classy