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Adventures in Craiglisting

Weeks ago, our communitygroup decided to go see The Shins tomorrow night. The only problem is that, like a tireless hound, reality has managed to catch up with many of us one by one and keep us from going. Today it caught up with barlow_girl and me—she's had one day off in the last 15, and we're both too swamped to make it fit and enjoy it. So I put up my first Craigslist ad, and after a few hours, the offers started coming in. Neither of us much likes backing out of things or running into our limits, but hopefully our tickets can make someone else happy, because it's a sold-out show.

Sometimes we just wish we could do everything, but accepting our limits every once in a while doesn't stress us out nearly as much as trying to do too much. The latter life isn't the kind we want, and we're blessed to have friends who can gracefully accept our limits along with us.
Tags: amy, community group, struggle
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