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Clearing the decks

Seattle is gorgeous today (sunny and 60s). The only downside of the sunshine is that exposes how dusty I've allowed my apartment to become, and I in turn get overwhelmed and lazy about cleaning. If these little exercises in anxiety are the worst part, I'm doing just fine.

Just surfed to Target's site and saw this headline: "Baby Sale at Target." They sell babies?

God is (still) working on me in regard to time. I look at the schedule for next week, get a knot in my stomach, and want to freak out. But a big part of the truth is I'm selfish and simply don't want to give away that much of my time, nor do I want to be responsible for using the rest of it wisely. I'm a big believer in margin, but many times, I just want it so that I can be sloppy and/or indulgent, rather than truly resting or letting it be reallocated at God's whim. He's working, but it's tough, and I have to push past the feeling in my gut and hang on by faith. It's worth it.

Lent is coming next week. Haven't decided what my discipline/fast will look like, but am excited to clear out some space for God to fill.
Tags: discipline, humor, life, observations, seattle

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