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Life together

So I'm wondering if I'm changing in how I respond to things I think are bullshit. If so, it's unbidden and unexpected—I'm not seeking a change or making any conscious attempt. But even here on LiveJournal, for example, there've been been a few occasions this week where I've started to comment on something, then abandoned it and let it pass. I don't think my tolerance for bullshit has changed at all (and I'm fine with that); perhaps I'm just becoming more selective about what and who I'm up for engaging. Whatever the case, I think those are good choices to make.

barlow_girl has been working crazy hours for year-end, so we haven't had as much time together as we'd like. The time we do have is sweet, however, and I'm very much looking forward to life together.

The sermon series at church has been great. John and Michael are covering Grace's core values, not for the purpose of focusing on ourselves or anything unique to our particular church, but rather to say "this is what we believe the gospel does in and through the lives of a community of faith." It's important, because faith in Jesus is a different thing than faith in a belief system. Being changed by Him is different than self-improvement. Following Him is different than pursuing goals. That's an identity worth exploring.
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