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Book meme from lunasparrow

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1) Select a nearby book, turn to page 123, and copy the fifth to seventh or eighth sentences.
"Now the planners are asking their people not to blame the government, but to blame the depravity of the rich, because I turned out to be an irresponsible playboy, instead of the greedy capitalist I was expected to be. How were they to know, they're asking, that I would let them down? Well, true enough. How were they to know it?"

2) Explain what the context is. It may be more but also can be much less detailed than I have done.
This is part of Francisco D'Anconia's explanation of his recent actions to Dagny Taggart in Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged (Chapter V, "The Climax of the D'Anconias").

3) Give a simple personal response to it. Again, this can be much shorter or longer than mine.
D'Anconia has far-reaching rationales for his seemingly meaningless actions, and he knows there are consequences to even giving an explanation at all. I can relate to that.

4) Find a picture to represent it. Linking a Google image search is simplest, or just provide the link.
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