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Dead horse

There, I said it (ten in a series)

Exactly how many conferences do Christians need, anyway?

(This message brought to you by the constant influx of junk mail and spam I receive at work.)
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I barely know what you're all talking about. I'm simply grateful to be let through the doors. So far no one has stopped me from reading the Scripture, though on rare occasion that I prayed aloud amongst a group of Christian Men, well, put modestly, it caused a minor sensation because I got it wrong in an amusing way. I've just lost touch, I guess, but am relentlessly orthodox in my theology. Creeds and all that.

I'm glad your life remains so ideal. God plays favorites in a good way, I was just thinking. David and Moses and Lee. You know. Aspirations for the rest of us.
I wish I barely knew what I was talking about in this case.

My life is about as ideal as theirs, which is to say, notsomuch. I'm just as faithless and weak, but the same God holds me up, and that's what counts.