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Dead horse

There, I said it (ten in a series)

Exactly how many conferences do Christians need, anyway?

(This message brought to you by the constant influx of junk mail and spam I receive at work.)
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at least two

I need at least two mountain top experiences per year or I might back slide. Gotta get my fix.

My church is great, but they like that 40 days of purpose and 40 days of community thing. We're all supposed to memorize verses together, read the same studies, and study the same stuff in our small groups. They do this every few years, and we're doing it now. Makes me nuts, personally. I don't like slickness. It feels, well, too slippery. There are good points, but I personally feel I could get the point without going through 7 weeks of it. Ho hum.

I did like when our church did a "pay it forward" thing a few years back though. There were 40 people each service given $100 each and they had to find a way to give it to the community. Some people raised money and made much more with it, one woman baked bread for fire fighters. We actually thought ours got stolen from my husband's truck when it was broken into (the envelope was there but empty). We sold our car, and when we went through the car, the money was still there (we actually had gone to businesses and collected a little more). We gave it to a missions project at church that is planting churches in Asia (using local people).

Anyway, all the slick packaging is hard to take!

Re: at least two

I'm with you on the slickness.