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Stupid things I do

In the absence of an Intel-based Mac at home or office, I have to do recordkeeping on an old Dell loaner laptop (we use software from ACS Technologies, which only runs on PCs and can't run under emulation). I'm also trying to find time to complete training on ACH transactions with Bank of America, and their interactive training modules also only run properly on a PC. So, since I haven't had enough time to spare at the office, I decided to bring the brick-of-a-laptop home with me on Thursday for the weekend. Also had to lug along its docking station, as it won't power up without being plugged into it.

If you know me, you know how thoroughly devoid of joy the whole arrangement makes me. Add to that the fact that my means of transportation are walking and public transportation (each much less enjoyable with a backpack full of heavy, outdated computer), then compound the issue by a weekend too busy for me to have time or energy to actually pull it out of the backpack. But the final straw of futility was realizing, upon returning to the office, that I'd left the power adapter here. Because I'm an idiot.
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I had a similar kind of day. This is the first day of the semester, I don't have a routine yet and am wicked discombobulated, and ended up making 2 trips home within a 2 hour period to pick-up items I'd forgotten.

ACS...ugh. Been there, done that...had the training. At least you're not using Shelby. I hear that can be even more of a bear.
ooooh, ACS. we all groan.