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Moving forward

Was bummed to learn from barlow_girl last night that shemaiah and jg_of_la are leaving our communitygroup. I'm glad we were able to show them hospitality in their transition to seattle, grateful for all the ways we've been blessed through their presence, and hopeful that God will lead them wherever He wants them to be.

Still mostly doing well on eating healthier. Keep finding that I have almost everything I need for each recipe that comes up. Small Potatoes Urban Delivery (SPUD) has been my main supplier, but there are always limits to their selection. Thankfully, I live in a city teeming with grocery stores, so it's never too big of a crisis. Once I establish more of a groove, things will go more smoothly. It's good to learn new things and to make healthier choices.

(By the way—the word "healthful"? Makes me cringe. Some contend that it would be the proper adjective for me to use above, but that's a distinction that appears to be a later addition (1880s vs. 16th century) recently rediscovered by Bobos for marketing purposes and to make themselves feel simultaneously more sophisticated and "simple.")


I m sorry I bummed you out.

Jg was never really in the community group. :P I m just taking a break for now to see what might be available to me out there. I need to get more settled here. I'd be glad to talk to you more about it offline.

I am SO grateful for the hospitality everyone at CG has shown JG and I! It's not like I don't want to be friends with everyone anymore! CG's just a bit to commit to right now.
Of course I'm bummed—it'd be more sad if I wasn't! And I counted JG anyway. I like him. :)

You know our group is always open! I've always found it easier to just maintain an open door rather than thinking about breaks and such, because sometimes people just say the latter out of politeness, and then I get disappointed when they don't ever return from their break.

And I'm sure no one will see your departure as a commentary on friendship (Amy and I don't). Of course we have friends in CG, but we have many more who aren't—it's not the same thing at all.
I'm bummed, too, and there's nothing you can do about it. ;o]

Seriously. I want you to make the choices that are best for you to honor Jesus in your life; I realize those things may not always be what I want.

I have enjoyed the time we've gotten to spend together in and out of CG, and look forward to more times in the future. Just know that CG will be the less because it lacks your presence, and we'll be there to welcome you anytime. :o]
By the way—the word "healthful"? Makes me cringe.


I abhor the word for two reasons: one, because of its almost exclusively self-righteous use by the overlords of the organic, and two, because they, infuriatingly, actually have a point—there is indeed a difference between something that has health itself and something that induces health in you.

But I don't care. I say "healthy," and folks know what I mean.
I bet if you guys served Makers Mark at CG they'd stay. Well, at least JG.
I despise the 'healthful' bandwagon everyone's jumping on right now. It makes me cringe, too.

In fact, that word is one of the main reasons I don't watch Rachel Ray on Food Network. If she says it once, she says it at least five times per thirty-minute episode.
I had never heard of SPUD, but...this is wonderful. Wow.

They even have Essential Bakery stuff.

Thanks for the link!
If you go that route, let me know...I think we can both get discounts or something. And Essential Bakery is goooooood.
I agree; their Madison shop is (long) walking distance from me, and totally worth it. (Fresh baked bread along with soups and salads and things? Oh yes.)

I'll likely end up going that route, but I want to check them out in a bit more depth when I get home. My main concern: It looks like they deliver on Tuesdays, and I'd be at work. (And I probably don't want them to deliver to my work, since then I'd have to get it home on the bus.)
They deliver to my place on Wednesdays when I'm not at home—they just leave it for me by my door, and the fridge/frozen stuff has dry ice and insulation (keeps up to 8 hours). I think they have details on how they work with apartments and condos, too (I'm not sure what kind of dwelling the current CowCave is).