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Moving forward

Was bummed to learn from barlow_girl last night that shemaiah and jg_of_la are leaving our communitygroup. I'm glad we were able to show them hospitality in their transition to seattle, grateful for all the ways we've been blessed through their presence, and hopeful that God will lead them wherever He wants them to be.

Still mostly doing well on eating healthier. Keep finding that I have almost everything I need for each recipe that comes up. Small Potatoes Urban Delivery (SPUD) has been my main supplier, but there are always limits to their selection. Thankfully, I live in a city teeming with grocery stores, so it's never too big of a crisis. Once I establish more of a groove, things will go more smoothly. It's good to learn new things and to make healthier choices.

(By the way—the word "healthful"? Makes me cringe. Some contend that it would be the proper adjective for me to use above, but that's a distinction that appears to be a later addition (1880s vs. 16th century) recently rediscovered by Bobos for marketing purposes and to make themselves feel simultaneously more sophisticated and "simple.")
Tags: bobos, community group, discipline, friends, life
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