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Thwarted brooding (or brooding delayed)

So I wrote a long, brooding, wallowing entry, so thick with self-pity that I just couldn't bring myself to post it (it's mostly a mood, after all). Then what to my wondering eyes should appear...

...but a new friend in my "friend of" list. Hello, marm. After glancing through your interests, I am simply stunned. In a good way.


Gee, thanks. That's a lot better than the usual reaction I get. :)

I was flipping through looking for other INTJs a few days ago, and happened upon your journal. I was struck by your writing, and wanted to keep track of you. I'm glad you don't mind I added you as a friend.
The usual reaction must just be from the common sheep. :)

I don't mind, and have done likewise. I'm tricky to keep track of, however, because I'm wily. In all seriousness, I find it complimentary for my journal to warrant attention from another INTJ. We tend not to suffer fools lightly.

I'll be watching your journal with interest. I'm not sure what you do vocationally yet, but I'm intrigued. It seems to involve a healthy amount of ass-kicking-- and the proper asses at that.
Someone's got to do it ;)