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Seattle fog


It's snowing in Seattle, and I decided to be an intrepid adventurer and start my morning errands. Very smooth, until I tried to get up Capitol Hill from downtown and wound up waiting 30 minutes for a bus that never arrived. By that time, tonight's communitygroup had cancelled and I declared a snow day.

Walked downtown alongside Reno, a Native man from Yukon, and traded stories (he had more than I did). On my way to the bus stop for home, I saw and smelled Top Pot Doughnuts and decided a detour was in order. And that brings us to now.

Black coffee is the best with a doughnut (and vice versa).
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stephanie sent me a funny quote about donuts:

"I think you're going to see the heavy doughnut user, if you will, walk away from the Krispy Kreme with no trans fats and say, 'Hmm, tastes different'," said food industry analyst Phil Lempert.

the heavy doughnut user WILL know the difference.