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Seattle fog


It's snowing in Seattle, and I decided to be an intrepid adventurer and start my morning errands. Very smooth, until I tried to get up Capitol Hill from downtown and wound up waiting 30 minutes for a bus that never arrived. By that time, tonight's communitygroup had cancelled and I declared a snow day.

Walked downtown alongside Reno, a Native man from Yukon, and traded stories (he had more than I did). On my way to the bus stop for home, I saw and smelled Top Pot Doughnuts and decided a detour was in order. And that brings us to now.

Black coffee is the best with a doughnut (and vice versa).
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you think?

he had more than I did

You really think so? Isn't this like ... zeta sub zero--countable infinity?

gotta disagree on the black coffee thing. Now coffee with cream, perhaps ... (Have you seen the Dennis the Menace black coffee/sissy comic?)