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I write simply in the interest of having an entry. Been a bum for the past couple of days. Sorely in need of a haircut; an attitude adjustment wouln't hurt, either. Staff Meeting in less than an hour. Perhaps something substantive to write tomorrow. Breath holding is uncalled for, however.


i saw in your profile, central college...
and i was just currious about which central college in what state?

cuz i goto central college in iowa.



Cool-- that's the one. I went to Upward Bound there and later worked there for a few years. Still have some friends who work there. Like it? There were times I loved it and other times it was more blah for me.

Re: Central

rock on!i was in ub, at the u of iowa... you guys were our biggest rivals at the ub olympics!

yeah i like the atmosphere here, its kool... although the dutch town is kinda well rude and i dont really beleive in all thier ways, but that is their way of life... who am i to judge.

im adding you to my friends list if you dont mind.

aim/aol- yellowraynedrop
yahoo- jessikaeve


Re: Central

I ran into the rude thing sometimes, too (I'm not Dutch). And I'm adding you to my friends list now-- it's cool to meet you!