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Workin' for a livin', livin' and a-workin'

My second Friday in a row at work. Not a big deal—people in Monday-Friday jobs end up logging extra hours in busy seasons, so it should be no different in my Sunday-Thursday gig. That said, I'm eyeing a day or two this month to take off in return for the overtime (I'm also working the holiday on Monday).

Probably wouldn't have as good of an attitude about putting in the extra time if I weren't seeing good results. Finally got the new design uploaded to the website and redesigned the announcements section of our weekly Order of Worship (which now weighs in at a whopping 16 pages total!). And there's the standard year-end stuff, which isn't as exciting but is unarguably necessary. None of those things are part of the standard work load, either, so I know the crunch is temporary.

My desk is a wreck and my motivation flagging. Once I'm done with bank statement reconciliation, I may head for home. A nice lunch may give me a second wind, though.
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