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Animals running the zoo

As the chr0me_kitten observed yesterday (regarding gender), I really need to avoid anything on Digg's front page related to the Bible or religion.


I loooooooooove your icon!

I know you posted a video by Ricky G. the other day, so are you a fan of his? If so, this season's first episode of Extras is a free download at iTunes. :)
I am a fan! I poked around iTunes, but could only find the audio podcast to Extras. But...I just checked my cable and I can get the episodes free from there. And I never would have heard of the show if not for your comment! So thanks!
Actually, the "podcast" was/is the episode b/c I watched it earlier today. But I am glad that you can Tivo the rest of the season. *sigh* I want Tivo. Maybe one day God will answer that prayer... ha ha
TiVo is proof that God loves us.
Dang it! And you even put out a warning. I shouldn't have clicked, shouldn't have clicked....
Not to be super condescending or anything, but why are there still so many ignorant people out there?
I'm glad Jesus told us it'd be like this—otherwise, I'd be a lot more discouraged.

No Digg

Save you some grey hairs.

I aint convinced that we should be oh so enamoured with the new thang of democratic news sites - it's like design by commitee, just because it suits the majority don't make it 'good' per se.

Re: No Digg

Agreed. I added a Digg feed to my Google homepage, but I keep it at the bottom (where it belongs).