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Boston Legal

Denny Crane!

Sign of how busy I've been: until browsing through the TiVo just now, I had no idea last night's Boston Legal was a new episode.


*wakes up from entertainmentless stupor* Oh, yeah, I had given up checking before Christmas when I figured out your bizarre American network thing of taking several weeks hiatus from airing basically ANYTHING new had kicked in again. I haven't seen any new Lost, BSG, Heroes or BL since Nov I think. Downloading BL now though :o]
We Yanks are a bizarre lot.
the best line came right at the end. from denny crane.
I can't think of what it was. What's happened to my brain?

I've added you to my friends list. I thought Ishould be polite and say 'hi' rather than lurk :)
Hi there—welcome aboard! I'm a fan of your Card Thief solution.
I know!!!! I'm SO upset that I missed it! I turned the tv on as they were fading to black, but I heard the music and realized it was new. I almost cried. We simply HAVE to get a DVR!!!!!
Oh, I wish I'd gotten this sooner! If you miss it again, let me know—my TiVo has a DVD burner and I can send it to you (I already deleted this week's).
I'm much of the way through season 2 now. Season 2 took a little while to grow on me, but it's definitely there.
Yeah, it definitely had some ebb and flow, but I'm hooked.