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Friday flurry

Today is a workday for me, though Fridays are usually a day off. Realized within the first hour of work yesterday that getting the rest of the week's work done yesterday wasn't going to happen, which was at least as much of a relief as a disappointment—it kept me from being stressed and busting my hump to reach an unattainable goal. And since I'll probably be the only one in the office, it'll be much easier to focus on these administrative tasks.

barlow_girl and I checked out a prospective apartment after work yesterday (we're on the fence between living at my current place and moving closer to friends on Capitol Hill), then ventured to the dreaded University Village to choose wedding invitations. The number of choices is overwhelming, and so many of those choices border on the ridiculous (quite a few reside on the other side of that border). We're thinking simple, which seems far from the norms of the wedding industry.

LJ dinner tonight: we're joining unblinkable & p150, dashausfrau, and musicismath & fumblegirl (and Maren!) at the 5 Spot at 19:00. Yum.
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