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Ricky Gervais on Creation

Since I've been reading at the beginning of Genesis for the past couple of days, I've found Ricky Gervais' thoughts on Creation particularly funny (if not theologically sound):

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I m reading through Genesis too in readingthebible

My speakers aren't working again for some reason. I will have to check this out later. :(
Very cool. It's been part of my daily reading in this plan (which got me through much of last year, so while I didn't complete it, it wasn't a total loss!).

That's an active community—I can only hope communitygroup will one day be as active. Good job!
I got to listen to it. SO funny! I m contemplating linking it on readingthebible
Totally! Hopefully everyone would enjoy it!
hilarious! i love his take on the snake's punishment. "how does this work again?"
Oh, now that is funny!!
it's like watching eddie izzard at a pulpit!
That was great!