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Social butterflies

Enjoying a morning and afternoon of downtime. The trick with weekly work is that, while it can be whittled down, it can't be eliminated, so this was a largely standard workweek for me. No complaints, though—nothing burdensome or unwieldy about it, and a quiet office was a great environment for getting administrative stuff done in a shorter week.

Our social calendar is again stuffed with good things. Last night I got to meet barlow_girl's co-workers and their men over dinner at the Elysian. Meeting up has been a long time in coming and we had a great time. Tonight we're meeting up with some of my former students at Casa d'Italia (which I highly recommend from our last visit). Tomorrow it's Battlestar Galactica with the Andrewses, Sunday is worship and a New Year's Eve party at the Crosses', Monday is the Cotton Bowl followed by a brunch hosted by Nick and Anne. Then Tuesday it's back to work, with Community Group in the evening. So that should keep us plenty busy.
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