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"Harry, I am your father"

One of the reasons I never got into Harry Potter:

Harry Potter synopsis


that is AWESOME. i always knew there was a reason j.k. rowling rubbed me the wrong way. it's because she's a pawn of the dark side.
She works for The Oprah.
LOL! Okaaaay…

Well and I thought I was the ONLY non-Potty person left in the world.
nope, looks like there are at least 4 of us. :D
#5 right here.
except i never developed a good reason for it, other than that i could care less about fad kids' books.
Oh well in that case Viva la revolucione!
You and velouria73 agree again!

potter mouth

my eleven year old finally asked if she could read it..we had been putting her off, asking her to read The Hobbit, CS Lewis etc instead..which she has done and is now back to asking for Potter...I gave in.

Re: potter mouth

Just give her this handy synopsis.
That's only because you haven't been potty trained.
#8 in fact a fanatical #8 here!
Haha! ... that's hilarious. I haven't figured out what people see in the Potter series either. I read one (it was a gift), and thought that there are much better kids books out there.
yes, exactly. though i'm a Christian, my biggest beef with the books (i only managed to force myself through the first one) is that they're crappy writing.
Finally I now know why I write in both the HP and the Star Wars fandoms. That's always puzzled me before but now it's all explained!
And you've been entirely too creative—you could have just recycled your work!
...and Dobby is R2, I suppose.

Now if only Harry would lose his hand in battle and have it replaced with a cool mechanical one.


And add me to your growing "not big on HP" army.
I'm a little intimidated by the gathering legion—I don't want my Potter-loving friends to be put off!