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Dead horse

Etymological ignorance abounds

Heard on The Science Channel's Mary: Mother of Jesus:
By contrast, crucifixion was a drawn out, excruciating, and humiliating ordeal.
Well, duh.


Ha! Even being reasonably educated on our language, I wouldn't have noticed the reduncancy without it being commented upon. But I'll assume, since you're pointing it out, the person who made the statement should know better? :D

What were they contrasting crucifixion with?
It was just narration, but that's worse in some regards than an off-the-cuff comment—someone wrote this without knowing better.

They were talking about the danger Jesus and Mary would have known he was entering by being associated with the Messiah during Passover in Roman-occupied Jerusalem—that if the Romans thought he was stirring up trouble, the danger would be greater and the potential execution more severe.
Oooh. Yeah. As a narration, it also would probably have gone through several edits as well.
Out of curiosity, what were they contrasting it with?
See comment above—the way I quoted it really does stir curiosity!
Oh! I didn't know that about the meaning/origin of "excruciating." Thank you for pointing it out, I really enjoy learning things in this particular scholastic discipline.