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Department of Redundancy Department

I just read where someone had written, "lolololol." What does this mean? Laugh out loud, out loud, out loud, out loud?



Again...yet another reason why I *loathe* the term "LOL". It sounds so... well... y'gotta understand. My friends and I... we use things like "LMAO" (Laughing My Arse Off), "BOL" (Bursts/Busts Out Laughing), "::DIES::" (as in dies laughing) or another similar term ::THUD:: (the sound effect of someone toppling off their chair in a fit of laughter) Less extreme are "::gigglefit::" or "::snickerfit::" or the like.

Looking at those... "LOL" just feels so very... "I'm laughing to be polite and condesending, you little simplistic moron" to me. I know most people don't mean it that way, but still... ::twitch::

It's even worse when someone goes "LOLOLOL" ... I mean... what in the name of all that's holy IS that?" I've seen a definition before.. "LOLOL" supposedly means "Laughing Out Loud On Line" ... ... ... am I the only one who thinks that's incredibly moronic? ("Isn't it moronic? Wouldn't you think? Isn't it moronic? Yes, I really do think...")

I especially hate it when someone uses it as a "placeholder". Like in a following mock example:
Her: Oh, jeez. It's starting to rain.
Him: lol
Her: Is there something funny about that?
Him: no
Her: Then why were you laughing?
Him: dunno

... ... ... ::just facepalms:: Are these people SERIOUSLY the type to go around laughing out loud like a severely inbred simpleton at everything they hear? Do they even stop to realize what kind of impression that delivers? ::twitch::

God save us all from the morons. Please.
Amen and amen.
ow my head hurts. your post made me lol ;)
It may be my new mission to make you lol(ololol). And to enjoy your writing.
i need laughter in my life right now :)
thanks so much.