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Trying to navigate the one billion possibilities for honeymoon plans is a bit overwhelming. A handy tip: don't check eHow for honeymoon ideas unless you want to see the full range of honeymoon-related how-tos in all their glory. There are number of aspects about which I'm not looking for advice, thanks.


heh, heh.

Let us know where you decide to go!
I can tell you this much - and it's from experience - don't stay at your mother in law's house for two weeks.
Why not? That sounds so awkward!
well, i suppose he *could* be looking for awkward honeymoon destinations!

if so, then he should most definitely follow my lead. and if he does, he should be prepared to put in an irrigation system, and Amy will have to put together a huge jigsaw puzzle.

nothing says Romance like a little (free) manual labor and some rockin' puzzlemaking!
Wow. Do they have dates free in late April/early May?
i'm sure she does. although now she lives with HER parents.

the awkwardness builds!
WHy does this happen? My best friend's husband thought to take her to Hawaii for their honeymoon. She had never.....you know. So privacy is the key. They stayed at his parent's condo...and SO DID THEY. I wasn't sure who I was angrier with - him for INVITING them or them for ACCEPTING.

They are divorcing now. FYI.

there's a long story behind why we went. involving death and other romantic things. but now i'm feeling robbed and want a second chance!

and your story? unbelievable. what on EARTH. i am more mad at him. and annoyed that he is such a mama's boy that he brought her along on his honeymoon.
He's mental.
mental would be inviting your mom in on the action.

I can't recommend Sandals enough, if you can swing it. Best vacation ever. I booked ours through Travelocity and we were able to get a package with airfare and everything.
It's come up a lot, and I love the all-inclusive idea. Chains/big companies make me a bit skittish, but maybe that's just snobbery. Which one did you go to?
Everyone I've ever known who took one, RAVED over an Alaskan cruise.