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Be a man...

Ignorance is bliss

Browsing through Macy's yesterday evening to do wedding registry stuff, barlow_girl and I realized (quite unusually for a twenty-first century engaged couple) we didn't know the color of one another's sheets. That's pretty cool.


:) That's nice.

I consider it a victory every time a couple can tell the younger generation that they waited for marriage and it didn't kill them. There are fewer and fewer of us.
No, it never killed anyone. I recognize that for each of us there's a struggle involved, and that it varies from person to person, but I sometimes think how "hard" it is to wait is oversold a bit (or more) in an effort to comfort or congratulate. It's not always easy, certainly, but it's not exactly life-threatening, either. So many of us have very easy lives and have adjusted our definition of "hard" accordingly.
That's very true.
That is pretty cool.

Incidentally, I don't know what color K's sheets are, either. And she only knows the color of my sheets because, well, my bedroom and my office are the same room in my house at the moment. (-:
She's seen my bedspread, too—scandalous!
A gentleman never tells.

So green. And white.
I think that is way way cool
It didn't even hit me how unusual that probably was until today!
I recall your bed being almost in the living room part of your apartment... how is it possible that she's never seen where you sleep? (Or perhaps you've moved). :)
Perhaps you keep your bed differently—my sheets are under a bedspread. ;)
So what's cooler... your chastity or your housekeeping skills?

Both could be easily overrated, but it's a testament to God's grace that I have either!
Goodness! Think of the bargain barlow_girl is getting. It's priceless!


alas, I lack both
Very commendable. I pray that when it comes time, I too will have that level of faith and strength. In the past, my disposition on the matter often mirrored Augustine's famed bargain, I'm afraid. But it gets easier with age. Something similar to what you said about beginning to understand what real challenge is. Word.

Then again, considering that I haven't had a date in about an eon and a half, I suspect God has already answered this prayer with His typical dry wit. Oh, that God; He's got a wicked good sense of humor about these things. :P
Oh, and on an unrelated note, have you had the chance to pick up Eldredge's new book? I saw it B&N the other day and wanted to buy it, because it's Eldredge and because I'm a compulsive new book hoarder. But for once I showed restraint. I was wondering if anyone's read it yet, and if it's just a rehash of earlier stuff...
I haven't seen it, but probably wouldn't jump on it right away. Some of that is because I haven't found any of the prior rehashes (even the good ones) nearly as enjoyable as The Sacred Romance, and the rest is because I'm a recovering book hoarder—I have shelves full of books from my hoarding period, most of which I'll never get around to reading, and many of which I'm embarrassed to even own because of their Christian-y cheesiness.
Recovering? So there's hope for me then?
Finding yourself shamed by both the quantity and the quality of your unread books goes a long way toward breaking the habit.
I just looked at the registry! So much fun stuff! :)
PS - I totally love all the red stuff on there. :)
And I was meaning to comment on the actual content of your post - meaning the sheets. And I think it is sad that y'all are in the minority these days. But I'm thankful for that too.
Thanks—it's even more fun going around and zapping things!
Those zappy guns are addictive! ;o]
That is definitely cool.
you rock. Way to go! Here's to premarital sheet ignorance!


Ya know, the best wedding gift I gave Dave was his virginity. I wish I'd had mine to give him as well, but he decided not to hold it against me.

By the way, I missed your post about proposing to her. Could you give me the link? Thanks, and congrats on both your engagement, and your chastity!