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TV dinner, old-school

When I heard nothing from my microwave well over six minutes after starting a frozen dinner, I discovered that it had given up the ghost—no lights, no nothing, with full power coming from the outlet. So now it's cooking away for the next thirty minutes or so on a cookie sheet in my oven. I really do know how to rough it.

Anyone up for an early wedding present?


We haven;t had a microwave since 2000. It's been pretty great but I understand how people really like them. I think it has made us eat better. Put it on your registry!
I may not be able to hold out until April! We'll see—I don't like how jacked up prices are in some of the registries, either. That's fine for china, but there's no sense letting people get taken for a ride on a microwave.
Sorry no, I'm saving my gift for the crystal automatic martini maker that won't be on your registry, but I know you and Amy will love and use at least once!
You are so good to us!
"Youuuu, are flesh of my flesh...bone of my bone..."
If your microwave is hooked through a GFI outlet, make sure that the little button hasn't popped out. If it has, push it back in and see if the μ-wave works.
That was one of the first things I checked—regrettably, no dice (other items work in that outlet, and the microwave doesn't work in other outlets).


Let me guess-- you guys are registered at Nordstrom?
Actually, I don't think we are (at least, not yet)!