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A directional grace

Most of us are not spiritually coherent because we are more concerned about being coherent externally. . . . Re-state to yourself what you believe, then do away with as much of it as possible, and get back to the bedrock of the Cross of Christ.

—Oswald Chambers, My Utmost for His Highest (25 November, "The Secret of Spiritual Coherence")

Many of us just want a Comforter, not a King. We want an endless wellspring of forgiveness for our own sakes, so that we can do as we please, as much as we please, as often as we please, with whomever we please. But that's not what the Cross is for. It is a directional grace. We are set free from sin and death to follow the King, to love what He loves, to serve those He serves, to do as He commands. Certainly none of us have arrived yet, but if we have no interest in this kind of journey or its destination, integrity demands we go back to that Cross and get honest. We cannot embrace the Comforter and reject the King.


yes, yes, yes, yes, yes
This idea of the mystical marriage between Christ and His church I always found comforting. Until I realised that I had the responsibility to be a 'good wife', meaning that I had to immerse myself in His concerns, His passions, His purposes and His desires. This relationship is not one-way. There is burden in this but honour too. It is the foundation of love.
That idea is also guiding me into marriage—I can't be a good husband unless I am likewise immersed in and submitted to His will.
I like that phrase, "directional grace." Well put; thanks!