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Soaking in it

Nothing like a fully stocked calendar. Haven't even had much time to write about it, but it's all been good stuff: surprise party for Kris' 30th birthday at Garage Saturday, lunch with Kendall and Mollie Sunday after church, The Amazing Race with velouria73 and Carrie Sunday evening, dinner party with shemaiah and JG last night, and Community Group tonight. Besides each being delightful in it's own right, it's been a joy to do all of them with barlow_girl (who also made a slammin' quiche for Sunday lunch!). I'm too old to keep up this social pace for too long without a break, but I consider myself very, very blessed.


slammin'. :D
Had leftovers for lunch. Still slammin'.
Who got kicked off of this week's Amazing Race? I was coming back from Memphis and missed it!
It was a "to be continued," so no cuts. I'm not rooting for anyone anymore--the remaining teams are either unlikable, bland, or not playing well enough to deserve a win.