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Proof of corporate evil

If you need audiovisual evidence that megacorporations are draining the very soul of our society, here it is:


I'd like to comment more on this, but my soul imploded about 30 seconds in.
Sorry about your soul, bro.

I have a really hard time hearing the lyrics to words, but from what I understood there... all I can say is who are they kidding??

AND, considering what the original song is about? I find this highly ridiculous.
Ridiculous and painful.
I couldn't bring myself to watch the whole thing - it actually made my stomach turn.

I can hear Bono's teeth grinding together from here. I would sincerely hope that he and his bandmates could legally call B of A on the carpet for this one.
It was very painful.
I was waiting for the punch line. I thought that eventually there would be a joke but they were SERIOUS! UGH! I feel dirty
me too! oh dear.
Horrible! Oh my word. Soulless butchery is right. Yuuuuuuuuck!

And also? He needs to learn how to finish his phrases without that hideous breathy slide. Awful!


That audience has no clue what the "ovation" part of "standing ovation" means.
i can't believe you conned me into watching that.
If I use the phrase "soulless butchery" to describe something and you still watch it, that's all on you.

point taken.

i'm going to go remove my brain from my skull with a melonballer now.

oh my dear Lord!!!!!

I am just without words....

I can't stop laughing, though I am so completely horrified.
That is exactly the combination.
I don't understand the complaints. This is the true sprit of gospel as we celebrate it here in America! Even a Profit needs profits. Yep, I'm going to get this guy for our next annual meeting.
I got to "one bank" and had to stop. That just ain't right.
yeah, i kept thinking people would be laughing, but apparently it was all quite serious. whoa.
That's how we know their souls are gone.
I want to laugh while cringing. Horrible!
did I disappoint you...
leave a bad taste in your mouth...

I'm forced to think nobody in the audience is laughing because none of them have ever heard the real song. They're all Michael Bolton fans.
The phrase "no-talent ass clown" inevitably springs to mind.