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I've been active or entertaining (the act of having guests over, not to be confused with performing or somehow being interesting) the last few nights, so the break in my schedule over the next couple of days is a nice rest. I can feel myself breathing in a little more deeply and am quiet enough to notice. Not that the past few days haven't been fun—quite the opposite! Sunday night was The Amazing Race with barlow_girl, velouria73, and Carrie (sweet Maui onion rings!), and last night was bowling with our Community Group at Garage. Such a blast, all the way around (my shameful bowling notwithstanding).

But even in bliss, I'm an introvert and need to recharge—otherwise I can lose perspective and start seeing the rich blessings God's given me in and through others as burdens. If this morning is any indication, recharging shouldn't take too long.


Bowling was fun! That place is way cool.

Yes, recharge. I m feeling it too.
Recharging doesn't always take me too long, but I definitely need it and can feel when it's needed.

I Can Sure Pick The Day!

I don't venture onto or around Lj much anymore and for some reason I felt compelled to take a little journey today and LO! What do I see? Yours and Amy's engagement! What wonderful news and how rare for me to be sitting in front of the computer with a huge smile on my face. :) I'm so glad for you both.

May God continue to bless you both with smiles beyond any of your dreams.

Re: I Can Sure Pick The Day!

Thank you! I'm glad you took the journey and that God gave you a smile as well.
recharge well. :o]

you ARE entertaining, btw. and your bowling was more entertaining than shameful, IMO. not to mention that you beat me the second game! :D
The latter is a fact of which no one should be proud. ;)
punk. :op