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Apple blossom

She said yes!

As some readers already know, on Saturday I asked barlow_girl to marry me, and she said yes! We're both very excited and enjoying others joy as well. Since I know my words can't do justice, and since writing is so much different than telling the story face-to-face, the best I can do is an impromptu FAQ:

Where/when/how did you propose? We'd planned an outing to see the fall foliage along the Mount Baker Scenic Byway on Saturday. Earlier in the week I phoned her father to seek his blessing, so all the ducks were in a row. God blessed us with a gorgeous day and good spirits, and Amy made a delicious picnic for us to enjoy. The scenery was amazing, and though neither of us had been there, I knew from doing my homework that it just got better and better all the way to the end. We eventually ended up overlooking Mount Shuksan:
Mount Shuksan

After walking around a bit and returning to a spot with a spectacular view, I dropped to a knee and asked her to marry me. And she said yes!

(I'm looking forward to her account, because she's better with details than I.)

Were you nervous? Not really. I think there always are and should be butterflies, but it really didn't have me stressed. Asking was more of a stress reliever than a stressor, because the time immediately preceding engagement is just weird—you can't really talk about things as you normally would because it would spoil the surprise, but it's such a major gateway in the relationship that it can lead to lots of miscommunication and second-guessing. Asking is much less stressful than not asking, especially once there's nothing left to do but ask.

Have you set a date? Not yet. People asked this question immediately, which is understandable but a little silly—it's not like I presented an entire marriage proposal complete with dates, locations, and logistics for Amy's review and approval. I don't like to talk business until I'm ready to do business, and now that we are, we'll be planning away.

What does the ring look like? It's pretty. It's being resized now, so perhaps there will be pictures once it returns. It'll be more beautiful by far on Amy's finger.

We are exceedingly blessed.
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Woo hoo! SO exciting!

THe funny thing about setting a date....When JG asked me to marry him, he didn't really ask. He just took out his Palm Pilot and thumbed through it a while and then said, "how about Aug 9, 2003? You should be finished with Multnomah by then and I will have started my job at 'Law Firm'. " It took me a while to understand what he was saying. Some people apparently start backwards and work up to the front :)

I love what you said about not being nervous.

I m thrilled for both of you!
That's so funny—I can totally see him doing that!

Looking forward to tonight!
congratulations to you both! yay!
many blessings.
Thank you! We both feel so very blessed already.
Thank you—what a fun icon!
Hearty congratulations to both of you!
Thank you!
Thank you!


best journey ever.


Thank you! We think it will be, too.
I'll say it again, too. :D

FAQs are great. Almost like...a list. :D


Best of everything.

Re: Congradulations

Asking is much less stressful than not asking, especially once there's nothing left to do but ask.

Oh, that's the sweetest! I'm so happy for you guys. I can't wait to watch all this unfold. Seeing the ring, reading about the plans, the ceremony. Then reading about the best part - the marriage!!
oh jess.

congrats (again)! :) I'm happy for you two... so cool.
Thank you! We both often think back fondly on our Chicago trip last year and meeting you.
What a wonderful thing to read. A hearty congratulations to you both! :D
Thank you!
an engagement faq... you are such a nerd. nice!
I want Phil to officiate our wedding. We're still negotiating.
Thats wonderful Lee! Only 2 weeks shy of when Eric (spence) and I got enaged.. good work! haha. Yeah we already have a date but its only because we had talked about possible dates "in theory" for a month or so. :) You need to post pics soon! again many many blessings to you guys!
Thanks! You too!
teary eyes.

I'm so happy for you and Amy.

Very exciting!
We need to get to Vancouver to visit soon!
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