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Friday interrupted

Dragged into work this morning by a domain registry problem, one I knew was coming and should have made sure was squared away. All fixed now, and the trip afforded me the opportunity to knock out a couple of other work tasks. Not ideal, but not a total loss or day-ruiner.

The sun is peeking out, which will hopefully continue through tomorrow as barlow_girl and I head out to the Cascades to see the fall foliage. Other than sightseeing considerations, I've loved the gray days and look forward to more—I'm even willing to endure the ubiquitous whining of sun lovers, who seem oblivious to two facts: A) the weather doesn't exist just to make them happy, and 2) the rest of us weren't complaining to them on the sunny days.

Now I need to get back to having a day off.
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rest! noowwwww!

"Serenity now!"


I went through them for the first time in August & September. I flew into SEATAC and drove to my daughter's house in Ellensburg to visit her, her husband and our 2 grandchildren. It certainly is lovely scenery.

Re: Cascades

I don't get out there enough, so today's trip should be fantastic.
Have a great weekend!!
Thank you...I'm excited to road trip today!
Ahem, so, um, was there anything ELSE you were excited about?!?!?!

She said yes!

Hopefully soon one of us will have time to post more...


the weather doesn't exist just to make me happy?!

I actually complain on sunny days.


Re: the weather doesn't exist just to make me happy?!

Me too, but I try to have the courtesy to be subdued about it. Rainy day complainers remind me of house price complainers—they seem to think that they're announcing something new and interesting, and that the volume and frequency of their whines will make some kind of difference.
Atta boy.
Thank you, kind sir!
You are getting married.
I am!
Just to see the Fall foliage, eh?


I'm so thrilled for y'all... SO THRILLED!
Thank you!