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Stay on target...stay on target...

Didn't sleep until after 2:00 this morning. I suspect the pot of coffee I drank at the office over the course of yesterday. That lack of sleep, in turn, may be taking a toll on my patience today. Subjectively, I'm wishing for more bandwidth and fewer demands. Objectively, I know it's been a good day and that my perspective will be healthier tomorrow. Mostly, I just need to keep my mouth shut until that healthier perspective arrives. Thankfully, there are plenty of reminders of how blessed I am and how good I have it.


come over for coffee

i wish you were my neighbor...you make me laugh and think and you like coffee

Re: come over for coffee

Hopefully I would find/make enough time to come over! That sounds like fun...

domestic dorkery


Re: domestic dorkery

why do you hate me? michael

Re: domestic dorkery

Who are you asking? The reasons are probably different...

Re: domestic dorkery

Heaven knows there's plenty of room in my fridge!
Another pot-of-coffee drinker, huh? I do that.
I normally don't, which is why it affected me.