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You take the good, you take the bad, you take 'em both and there you have the facts of life

New pre-Community Group coffee place: Fuel. It's a block from where we meet and doesn't have the hubub of Victrola.

In the not-news department: many (if not most) of us would like a pick-and-choose reality. This came to mind today as I read someone on LiveJournal lauding the incarnational beauty of Amish culture while displaying a "bisexuality is real" banner in their profile. These are not perspectives which reconcile with one another. Not that I have a problem with tension and conflict, nor with appreciating aspects of something while not fully embracing it. I simply think we'd benefit by being more honest about our pick-and-choose natures, admitting that we are very often more enamored with our image of a thing (and perhaps even moreso by what we believe our fascination says about us) than with its truth.

I think that pick-and-choose nature is part of the reason behind my poll from last week, too. For those of us who recognize Scripture as an authority for our lives, reconciling it with our own desires regarding marriage (or anything else) still seems like work some would rather not do. Perhaps this is because it forces us to lock into a reality that makes us uncomfortable, or to admit that we're going our own way and recognizing no authority above our own pastiche.

Rejecting a perspective or authority has integrity, as does struggling. I have no integrity issues with honestly wrestling, or with clearly adopting a view different from my own. But I don't have much respect for approaching reality as a smorgasbord, subject to little beyond our likes and dislikes. Truth deserves more from us than that.
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