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Two truths and a lie

Knee seems to be fine this morning. Nice not to have that nagging at me.

Thinking back on last night's Community Group, I realized when I share something personal, it usually has more than one meaning. Not really intentional; just the way things work.

You'd think by now I'd have a better grasp on how much God loves me and the implications of that truth. It's at once comforting and fearful.


I don't buy that you are listening to Duran Duran.
Happened to be playing while I was writing at Vivace, but quite apropos.
I was recently struck by this myself. They say a helicopter in flight continually wants to flip backwards and the pilot must exert continuous effort to prevent the realisation of its innate but self destructive bent. Regeneration is a perpetual state of being requiring a repeated and continual correction of our natural bent. Don't be surprised you need to make the same joystick moves time and again. "Be ye being filled" is a telling choice of words.