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Unwinding can be a lot of work

Irwin's has wireless internet service now (for some reason, I can't say "WiFi" without feeling a little silly). Nice not to have to piggyback on an unsuspecting neighbor's spotty unsecured network.

The days have been gorgeous lately and I haven't a clue what to do with them. My house is being painted (extremely slowly), so I'm not free to enjoy my patio that's cluttered with gear for the duration. There's a whole city out there, which is really the problem—if there's not some kind of event, the number of choices feels overwhelming. Good "problem" to have, but when I compare the weight of that many options with the freedom of not making a decision at all, I tend to go with the latter because it's so much less work (besides the fact that I have plenty to do at home anyway just to keep up).

iBook needs a new battery; it burns through the charge on this one in an hour or so.
Tags: home, life, mac, seattle

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