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Very Presbyterian

At today's staff meeting, Phil brought Guinness for all of us. I do love my job.


You Calvinists. :-P Makes me smile that I'm considering affiliating with a bunch of y'all....
Is there no beer at your staff meetings at The Holy Land?
We prefer fat-soaked donuts.
Garrett would be proud. :o]
Next week we should have him come make us Presbyterians. And bring the hookah.
he'd love that. not that anyone else would complain.
Now that's what I call a meeting!
Indeed! Not a bad gig, I must say.
mmm... beeeerrrr....
Perhaps a tradition that can be shared with our Compass brethren?
i think that can be arranged.

even if we have to become presbyterians. :)
I ♥ Guinness.
Somehow it's even better at a church staff meeting.
That's it. I need to get on some kinda committee.

...some kinda committee like that, anyway...

Phil could be a master of motivation.
Awesome. :D
I was very pleased!