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Near misses

Jordan and I were meeting for coffee this morning, so when I arrived at Vita, I went upstairs to look for him. A quick look around revealed not Jordan, but...Dan Savage.

Go away, Dan Savage. Go away.

(Jordan and I met up at the office a few minutes later, none the worse for wear.)

In other news, it turns out that, 26 years ago, someone saved the world by breaking protocol. Whew.


He sounds like a nice guy. Maybe you should be friends.
If I could see my friends as often as I see Dan Savage, I'd be happy.
I enjoyed reading that article. Thank you for the link.
that is just seriously weird at this point.
that's what I thought.
You should TOTALLY have a t-shirt made up with that icon on the pocket area and the quote "Go awa, Dan Savage. Go away." in big letters on the back.