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Running start

This is our first week of moving staff meetings to Wednesday afternoons rather than mornings, so I've got some margin and can already feel my mood improving a bit as I make some progress at work.

Speaking of, I love work. I don't want to do it all the time (or even every time I need to do it), but I love knuckling down and getting things done. In some respects, I'm almost binary when it comes to work and leisure—when I'm working, I mostly like to be working; when I'm not working, I mostly don't like to be working. It's a great fit for some aspects of my job and life, and a bit of a rub for others, but on the whole, I am stunningly blessed (talking a bit with barlow_girl about work over coffee yesterday served to highlight that truth even more).

Great Community Group meeting last night—talked about our stories being subject to God's story, Jesus as prophet, priest, and king, what community really means and looks like. This is the stuff. And barlow_girl is doing such a great job of leading; I'm proud of her.
Tags: amy, community group, work

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