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Boston Legal

Good stuff

Things I love about today:
  • God, and being His.
  • barlow_girl, and that I get to see her tonight at Community Group.
  • Today's LJ user icons.
  • The cool gray weather.
  • TiVo is recording the season premiere of Boston Legal tonight.

P.S. Click on the submit button in the "Authorized Access Only" box in the upper left corner of the Boston Legal site. Hilarious!


Denny Crane™

I've just discovered BL myself and it demands an icon response from me most certainly (watch this space . . . )

Re: Denny Crane™

Most excellent—I may have to snag some, since I have 71(!) icon slots left to fill.

Re: Denny Crane™

Fo' sho.

Re: Denny Crane™

Loved season 1, but season 2 isn't out on DVD yet, so I don't think I'll be catching the premiere. This is the downside of watching TV via Netflix; I'm always a season behind...
Do you know when Season 2 comes out? I could save Season 3 for you on DVD from TiVo...
It comes out in November. 21st, I think, or somewhere around there . . .
Bad news: I tried burning the first two episodes of Season 3 to DVD tonight and got a disk error. Which means that, no matter what else works, I can't snag that for you. Maybe next go round. Bummer.
boston legal!
Denny Crane!