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Limping toward the finish line

This is the home stretch, I'm reminding myself. It's been a packed week at work, and that will continue through Sunday morning, but there's a bit of a break tonight and tomorrow. With different group meetings five of seven days this week (more than half of them during off hours), my inner introvert is feeling very squeezed. Regrettably, a sizable chunk of the workload has also been things I wish had been better managed by others rather than coming to me for cleaning up and straightening out—far too little of what's been occupying me will result in any progress whatsoever. C'est la vie—sometimes it's about the paycheck.
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I don't know why, but I always think people should be paid for their work. Sometimes it is about the paycheck. I had this friend who didn't believe in paying clergy. He thought it made for careerists rather than ministers. All tentmaking for that man.

Make your spare time count. People are great. Just keep reminding yourself of that. It works if you don't think of Barry Bonds.
I'm not a mercenary, but I'm a big fan of the paycheck. They wouldn't call it work if it wasn't.

I have some good people in my life. You met one. She likes you, which further confirms her good taste. That taste also enjoyed her Mexican mocha.
Mercenary's got nothing to do with it. People shouldn't be exploited, even in the name of "Christian service."

My goal is to have Mexican mochas available like Budweiser. Good people sure are good.

No appropriate punishment for mismanagement

When I edit for certain trainers I practically ghostwrite because of their gross inability to communicate. They look at the result and hi-5 themselves for their own brilliance, ignoring the fact that I started out with poo. It's like taking credit for the big salad. Grrr.

Sure, I could let them walk into class with their original poo plus better grammar but I'd only be punishing their students, who don't care who paid for the big salad. They just care about saving innocent lives through the prevention and mitigation of terrorist acts. Big babies.

Re: No appropriate punishment for mismanagement

Laine! What are you doing?

Ah, poo. So much poo. No one wants poo in the big salad. Unfortunately, some people don't seem to be able to recognize poo—this inability seems directly related to their ability to generate it.