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Change of venue

Hate to say it, but I may need to find a new coffee shop or change my habits. Irwin's has just been too cramped and noisy for me to want to spend much time there lately; there's also a staffer who remind me of an old employee in a way that stands on my last nerve. Add to that the fact that they don't provide wireless internet (thought I can occasionally piggyback on a nearby signal) and it's just not working for me most of the time. Not that they're doing a thing wrong; business is booming. If I were smart, I'd just learn to use the espresso maker salvaged from my former upstairs neighbors. Whatever the case, it's hardly something that can be categorized as a "problem"—I'm just annoyed easily.

barlow_girl is off for Los Angeles for a few days for work. I'm not a fan of good-byes, but at least it's not for long and I was already pretty well booked for the time she's away.
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So, let's say people come to Seattle to visit.

Would you take them to Irwin's even though it is noisy and busy or would you take them some place else?
For coffee, there are much better places—it just happens to be close by. It does have that neighborhood feel, and some baked goods that are spectacular.


learn how to use the espresso maker
sorry, that was me.
home espresso is very satisfying. :D i love my espresso machine. it's waiting on my counter for me to come home from australia so that we can make beautiful coffee together again.