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Stalled out in my Bible reading a while back—the allotment of territories to the tribes of Israel was more than I felt like hacking through at the time. Taking another run at it now, both in hopes of getting back on track and in recognition of the reality that it's silliness bordering on idiocy to let myself get derailed from regular, sustained time with God's Word because of a few long lists of unknown territories. Even skipping over it would be better than stopping entirely, but I want to make a good attempt simply to avoid the slippery slope of a smorgasbord approach to Scripture (picking my favorites and ignoring the rest). Sometimes I quit too easily. Maybe someday I'll read through it again with an atlas nearby.


Woof. I pretty much skimmed that part. :-/ Good for you for going back at it! :o]
We'll see how it goes.
I've been thinking about the Bible/atlas concept a lot lately. I need to see if there's something with historical maps of Israel and stuff.
Perfect icon!

just asking

have you ever tried one of the reading plans...you aren't as shallow as me so it may be beneath you but it helped me read the "boring parts" when I knew I also would read some psalms and new testament stuff in the same day...just thinkin'

Re: just asking

First, never underestimate your depth or my shallowness.

Second, I'm (behind) on this one. The plan helps, but my lack of discipline requires a lot more work than that to combat.

Re: just asking

reward yourself with coffee and punish yourself by withholding coffee.....see if that works.....I use coffee AND cake as a reward....I'm just throwing out some ideas.. Seriously though, my lack of discipline comes not so much in scripture reading but in the study/meditation part....and I can't tell you how many bible studies I've started and never finished

Re: just asking

I'm reading and having coffee as we speak. Joy of being in Seattle.
A good map would help me a lot. I struggle with reading about geography and not seeing it.

The thing that helped tons with the geography sections and geneologies that come later is that I started noticing the same towns mentioned -- or people -- and it would kind of fill out my knowledge of them. Like the town of Jabesh-Gilead especially, and Uriah the Hittite. Benaiah of the Mighty Men. You see them repeated from book to book with new info each time.

Today I was pondering a section in 2 Chronicles where it records which tribes sent how many men to support David's new regime as king. Nowadays, it seems to be an admirable thing to lead some sort of protest group, or to disagree, or to be in resistence to the government. In history? The men who were recorded as having acted with honor and godliness are those who did "mighty deeds" for the reigning authorities!

Certainly made me think. Lord willing, it will make me act as well.
Leviticus did the same thing to me...

And the allotment to the tribes of Israel parts tend to get rather..um...redundant...and boring. I don't remember exactly where that was, but I do remember sitting there while I was reading what you wrote about thinking "Come on. Can't I just skip this part and get to the good stuff?"

Just kinda had to force myself through it,as unpleasant as it was. Still got a few little spiritual nuggest from it, though. I suppose that made it worth while.