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How to feel old by 9:00 am

Walking past a yard sale, I overheard a young woman gleefully exclaim, "Oh my gosh! We used to have one of those! My dad would have us talk into it when we were kids."

The arcane, ancient artifact in question? A tape recorder.



oh, dear.
My kids are always amazed when I tell them that when "I" was a kid there were no video games or microwaves. My mom drove a car with an eight track player, you could only get 3 channels on tv and the only time you could watch cartoons was on Saturday mornings.
oh, the horror!
I remember our first VCR!
Our first VCR was a top-loader with a "remote" connected to it by a long cord.
I think ours was a front loader....I do remember our first microwave was a monstrocity that needed it's own cart and cost my mom $500.
I have the same memory, but the device in question was a reel to reel tape recorder.
I remember my dad had one of those! I remember a den with one wall devoted to the cans of reels.
Yeah, and the freakiest thing is, those cassette tapes used to hold computer programs.
You remember, then, when floppy disks were floppy. I have had the hardest time ever trying to explain that to various teenagers. Of course, in a couple more years, teenagers won't even be remembering the hard floppys of the '90s. Sheesh.
Did you ever set up a tape deck to record your favorite songs off the radio? Fun fun.

I remember copying a tape from a friend and thinking it would record in better quality if the volume was cranked as it recorded - my mom yelled at me so I buried the tape player in my pillow ;)

I also still remember playing my Ghostbusters record on my front porch with my friends, and my brother unplugging it from in the house to tease me!
Recording things off the radio was SUCH a pain! The first part of the song was always cut off, and most of the time the end of the song was mixed in with ads, or the dj talking.