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Feeling more and more like myself this week, though I think there's a lot more still under the surface than above it. It's as if there's a filing room in my subconscious, where things are constantly being moved about without any warning and explanation. My waking life is shaped and shifted by these changes, but I don't have any clue about what changed, why, or how long it will stay. Though I may seem the same, I suspect I am constantly being revised and rewritten, sometimes so subtly that I don't even notice.


"Montana Sky"

Nitpicking White Heart fans... ;-)
Glad you did...I have no idea why I didn't type "Sky" at the end before!
'tis a beautiful song.
Sometimes I picture my soul as a room that God keeps rearranging. He chucks stuff out and brings other stuff in, and sometimes I don't recognise it anymore - I feel like a stranger to it for a few moments.

God works in mysterious ways...