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Hello Vader

There are no words.

Hello, Vader!


From his Pastel Period, evidently.
Maybe he's on the press junket for Luke and Leia Have Two Daddies.
*coughs... eyes water*

Where did you find this?
Boredom and yet another LiveJournal image getter thingy. It's a weird, wacky world out there.
ow, my sanity!!!
Actually, there are words... we just aren't allowed to use them per our discussion at Dilletante's. :-}
I knew I would regret that!
Donna thinks he must be a good Darth Vader.
Bride of Vader? ... or maybe from before his "reassignment surgery"?
I love it!
Actually, I can think of a few words, but they aren't necessarily positive.

well I have heard thing about the liberal Seattle-ites...but it seems to really be getting to you huh?
Simply amazing.
I just had to share this icon with you. I thought it just might finish you off. :D
Oh my.