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CSI (Church Shredder Investigation) Seattle

Each Sunday we collect comment and prayer request cards, and each Monday I type them up so we can pray for them. We shred them once they're typed (out of respect for privacy), and the paper shredder will shred three cards at a time without jamming. This week, we only had five cards submitted, and I shredded the first stack after typing the third card.

You see where this is headed, right?

Since there were five cards, while typing the third I had two stacks of two cards on my desk. I proceeded to put the third card on the wrong stack and ran them through the shredder, discovering my error upon returning to my desk. Thankfully, we have a strip shredder rather than a crosscut, so I fished out the remnants and painstakingly reconstructed the two untyped cards. Never let it be said we take comments and prayer requests lightly.
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