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CSI (Church Shredder Investigation) Seattle

Each Sunday we collect comment and prayer request cards, and each Monday I type them up so we can pray for them. We shred them once they're typed (out of respect for privacy), and the paper shredder will shred three cards at a time without jamming. This week, we only had five cards submitted, and I shredded the first stack after typing the third card.

You see where this is headed, right?

Since there were five cards, while typing the third I had two stacks of two cards on my desk. I proceeded to put the third card on the wrong stack and ran them through the shredder, discovering my error upon returning to my desk. Thankfully, we have a strip shredder rather than a crosscut, so I fished out the remnants and painstakingly reconstructed the two untyped cards. Never let it be said we take comments and prayer requests lightly.


That is dedication!

Dr Lloyd John Ogilvie

title or description

My former pastor, prolific author, TV preacher, and Chaplain of the U.S. Senate. I once submitted a prayer request card asking that someone pray for my family who were grieving when our dog Thurber died. I expected a devoted old lady to pray for me. Within a few days I had a specific personal letter all about dogs and grief from Lloyd. I about fell over. I have never understood how a big superstar preacher like that had time for individual nobodies like myself. He occasionally crossed paths with me and stopped to talk. He never seemed rushed at all. He never looked past me for someone better or more important like most preachers do. I never talk to pastors anymore if I can help it. It's just a waste of their time.

Thanks for valuing those people.

Re: Dr Lloyd John Ogilvie

I'm glad he knew you, your family, and Thurber were no waste of time. My attitude isn't always the best, but I know the people who took the time to write on their cards are counting on our prayers. I'd hate to let them down.


I'm impressed with your dedication..I would have just prayed for the "unspoken"....unless you grew up int rural south, you may not get that!

Re: wow!

that should be "in the rural south"

Re: wow!

I see that hand, sister.

Re: wow!

I know it would cover the bases (He's God, after all), but I'd hate to be responsible for turning a "spoken" into an "unspoken" with a paper shredder!
If the prayer thing gets too confusing, you can always outsource it!