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Hot air

I didn't move to Seattle for 97 degree days. I'm just sayin'.

That said, I know we have it good here; the summers aren't nearly as uncomfortable as when I lived in Houston, Maryland, or Iowa. And living in a basement apartment has great advantages.

Speaking of home, it looks like I'll have new upstairs neighbors soon. The whole thing feels a bit weird, because my former neighbors never gave notice and left a few things behind. I'm pretty sure they're gone based on my conversations with Brian before he vanished, but it just doesn't seem quite settled. From what was left behind, I've laid claim to an espresso machine and a VCR; also found two cable boxes that I'm ultimately responsible for (my name is on the house account). My landlords listed the place on Craigslist and were immediately deluged with inquiries, including an offer of a year's rent in advance. There's now a sign in the window indicating it's rented, so I expect I'll meet the new tenant(s) soon.

Inadvertently left my iPod at the office and am momentarily regretting it due to plenty of chatty folk at Irwin's. Coffee houses and sidewalks aren't libraries, I reason, so I know they have the right of way. I just don't know how people talk so much. It would make me tired.


They abandoned an espresso machine?! How lucky are you. :0
It appears to be an expensive one from Italy (not that I have any idea how to operate it). And the owners are very welcome to claim it anytime, so it's a win-win.
Does the upstairs have a bubble window?
Just boring ones, I'm afraid. Honestly, I like the downstairs much better than the larger upstairs of this house.
Of course, if you're going to have 97 degree days, you may as well move right back here, huh? Of course you agree. Shall I rent a U-Haul?
the good thing is...it usually doesn't stay that hot for more than a week or so.
And you can expect it to rain within a month or so. Here we go months on end with no rain, it's downright inhumane.
I miss Seattle so much this time of year. Although I guess this record breaking heat is a world wide problem right now.
It's craziness. I usually love the weather here, and I can deal with the other times.
that icon is disturbing.
Tyra is one of my poster children for craziness. Since this is LJ, I may need to get more...
It's been hot here in Lubbock, but it doesn't always break the 100 mark. I've been shocked to here other places have been breaking it almost everyday.
In Seattle, I'm sure there are people blaming George W. Bush's Magical Weather Machine.
Hahahahaha! Sad but true. I've certainly been personally blamed for the weather enough that it's time someone else take a turn.
"I've been shocked to here other places have been breaking it almost everyday."

Yeah. Like San Antonio.
I'm from Fredericksburg :)
I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your icons. :) And I'm sorry you're having a heat wave out in Seattle. It hit the 100 degree mark in Nashville for like 3 days straight this past week, which was absolutely uncalled for. I told my husband that I wasn't moving to TX b/c of the heat, but it looks as though it just follwed him and his family to TN. :-p


Seattle is the new California
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