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Hearing the Gospel

Saw Superman Returns today. Mixed bag (visually stunning, love Kevin Spacey, Lois looks young enough to be someone's prom date), but the Gospel rang out to me in one exchange:
Superman: Listen. What do you hear?

Lois Lane: Nothing.

Superman: I hear everything. You wrote that the world doesn't need a savior, but I hear them crying for one every day.


Jor-El so loved the world

Yeah, that was nice. But too much was made of Superman's omniscience— he hears everything, but he's also an absentee father and doesn't respond to court summons? And how exactly did it go down with Lois, anyway? Did he take off the suit?

I always liked Clark as much if not more than Superman. Too little Clark.

Re: Jor-El so loved the world

Great subject line, though. I loved that line.

it's for this reason alone, their capacity for good, that I send them you, my only son.

Re: Jor-El so loved the world

I liked theme in the moment more than in the movie overall: we live in a world that is bent on rejecting the Savior, but He can still hear them crying for Him. When we listen, so can we.

The morality is as messy as the timeline. From Singer's comments, I think the kid could be a result of Superman II. Which means she wouldn't remember it. Which means she was either really freaked out to be pregnant, or freaky enough to be unsurprised (but clueless about his father's identity). And if there were no other...um...super-moments...she must have some serious questions about what happened, when, and how (and possibly some charges to file). Oh, and because of Bosworth's age, she'd have to be fresh out of college, maximum, when it happened. But a star reporter fresh out of college. Somehow.

This idea that Superman has casual sex (if she doesn't know his identity, that's pretty damn casual) perturbs me, not to mention the absentee fatherhood, etc. And don't get me started on the "Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex" implications.

Re: Jor-El so loved the world

Re: the casual sex.

1. Don't forget that Superman was "mortal" at the time.

2. It's not out of the question for Superman to make a moral mistake, but moral people attempt to make amends... such as by owning up to and taking responsibility for the child.

kneel before Zod!

Yeah, that's a nice touchstone moment. It always amuses me how our imagined saviors/supernatural encounters can't really even approach the one that we actually have. (Contact also comes to mind.)

I'm told that in Frank Miller's seminal work The Dark Knight Returns, Superman is a figure of the establishment and must be overthrown, before eventually coming 'round. That would have been a more interesting & relevant angle, albeit an uncommercial one... he's so closely identified w/ the U.S. of A— this movie, tellingly, ducks that third thing he fights for.

Re the tryst in II: wasn't he mortal? So shouldn't the kid be, too? Too many questions, too many blots (ahem) on his character.
Did you read my review?
I need to! I dodged it because I hadn't seen it yet.


My exact thoughts just from seeing the trailer! Lois seems way young and that Gospel echo sent a chill down my spine. Can't wait to see it.
LOVE LOVE LOVE Superman in general (Have not seen the new movie, yet!) mostly because of those Biblical parallels.
I liked that too.

Great icon!
Clean enough for Parker and Peytie?
Very much. The slipperiness is in Lois having had a kid outside of marriage. Other than that, should be groovy.
Peyton likely won't even notice the lack of marriage. It'll provide a stepping stone for Jeff with Parker, if nothing else. They were SO hoping they could see it.