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Rhythms of servanthood

For the first time in a while, I'm feeling a bit on top of things in life and work. Ironically, this feeling rises from having a bit more on my schedule and to-do list rather than less. Perhaps finding a good rhythm is partially a function of better embracing being a servant and learning more of what that truly means. Servanthood is counter to so many of my initial impulses, but it's who I was created to be, and by God's Spirit, it's who I'm now empowered to be. When I'm spending my energy looking for ways out of that, I'm constantly drained.

Not that servanthood is easy. Neither is pimpin'.

A more mundane workplace productivity boost has come from a new printer (it was on sale for $100, so I splurged). My old one has been temperamental for at least a year, with pages regularly sticking together to the point of requiring supervision for every job. Since it still worked, I never thought of it as more than an annoyance, but the difference is huge. Or maybe I'm just easily impressed. Whatever the case, I'll take it.
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